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Wife going to doc to get cancerous cells removed


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May 19, 2004
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Several days ago, we found out my wife has cervical cancerous cells. Hopefully, all of those nasty things will be removed today.

If you are a religeous person, please place her on your list. If not, just thinking of her will make all the difference.

This explains where I have been. I have engrossed myself into a computer game to get my mind off of things. A game like World of Warcraft is just the perscription if you need a break from real life. ;)

On another note; it is truely awesome to come back to the community and everything seems on the up and up. Thank you all for responsible and intelligent posting. :)
My best wishes to your wife and you. I genuinely hope everything turns out well.
I hope everything turns out for the best. Please let us know how things go.
Well, we hope that all the cells have been removed and things get back to normal. The procedure went well and she is doing ok. Still a little sore, but that is to be expected.

Thank you all!
Yikes give the wife a big hug from my clan and if you need anything you got my #. I'm only 5 mins away so let me know.
Hope your wife is fine. Good call on the World of Warcraft :). Too bad I work too much, I wanna get to 60 so I can start doing raids :).
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