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Wide Coverage by the International Media of Al Bashir Visit to Kampala


Apr 25, 2016
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Khartoum - Regional and international media have given extensive coverage for president Omar Al Bashir's recent visit to Kampala where he took part in the inauguration ceremony of president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, for a new term in office.
Different media outlets, including news agencies, radios, TV channels and news website followed the visit and he participation of president Al Bashir in the event. The Anadol news agency reported that this visit was a challenge by President Al Bashir for the international criminal court when he visited a country where one of the officials was once threatening that the president would be arrested and handed over to the court if he arrives there.
The visit of the president, news reports stated, came following an overture in the bilateral relations following a tension that lasted for over a decade and during which the two sides have been trading accusations of providing support to rebels from the other side.
The world today website reported what the Ugandan president has stated that the presence of president Al Bashir in Uganda meant African has now disregarded the ICC which is no longer of concern to Africa.
Russian Today reported that Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al Bashir started a two day visit to Uganda, in defiance of the warrant of arrest by the ICC on the question of Darfur.
President Al Bashir, it said, attended the inauguration ceremony of President Yoweri Museveni, after his reelection in the general election for a 5th term in office.
It is to be noted that the visit by President Al Bashir to Uganda was in response to a similar visit paid by President Yoweri Museven of Uganda to the Sudan in September last year, ending 10 years of suspension between Khartoum and Kampala.
Museveni's visit was preceded by a visit by Sudan's vice president, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, to Uganda in February last year, where the i"s were dotted and the tees were crossed.

Al Bashir returns home after participation in the inauguration

Meanwhile Al Bashir returned home Thursday evening after taking part in the inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.
He was received at the airport upon arrival by the First Vice President Lt. Gen Bakri Hassan Saleh and a number of ministers and senior officials.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kamal Eddin Ismail, has pointed out in press statements following the return of the President that the aim of the visit was to take part in the inauguration of President Museveni in which a number of African Heads of State and Government took part.
He described the visit as successful and achieved its objectives, saying it also carried some significance showing the weakness of the so-called International Criminal Court in Africa
He said the visit of President Al Bashir to Kampala, Uganda, was well received officially and publicly in that country and that it spurred lots of discussions in the Ugandan street.
He said the Ugandan President had pointed out that the event meant that Africa no longer cared about the ICC and that it had dumped it altogether, describing the court as a political tool used to serve the interest of the states of hegemony.
He said President Bashir had met during the visit with President Museveni and that the brief meeting discussed issues of concern to the two states and that President Museveni invited President Bashir to visit Uganda for a second time within the bilateral ties between the two countries.
The State Minister said this was President Al Bashir's first visit to Uganda in ten years, and that it helped redirect relations between the two countries to their right course.
He added that President Al Bashir met a number of African leaders and heads of state during the visit and that the event was a massive gathering for African leaders.
source: sudanvisiondaily.com
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