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Why you should vote for Kerry

Jun 5, 2004
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In a free country!
Even as independent or a conservative you should vote for Kerry because:

"I'm running for President to make the country we love safer, stronger, and more secure. I'm asking every American to be a Citizen Soldier again committed to leaving no American behind."

Restoring Jobs and Rebuilding Our Economy
George W. Bush has chosen tax cuts for the wealthy and special favors for special interests over our economic future. John Kerry has a plan to rebuild our future, starting with 3 million jobs in his first 500 days – and a plan to ensure that workers can achieve the American Dream in our changing economy.

Winning the Peace in Iraq
What does it gain America to win a war and lose a peace? The Bush failures will cost us dearly in the months ahead, in an Iraq consumed with suspicion, resentment and continued violence. What’s needed now is leadership – to finish the job in Iraq the right way – because America can and must do better.

Access to Affordable Health Care
John Kerry believes that your family’s health is just as important as any politician's in Washington. Our nation needs a leader who has the courage to take on the big insurance and drug companies to make that same health care plan affordable for every American.

Defending the American Homeland
We shouldn’t be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them in Brooklyn. America’s homeland security needs to take steps as big as the threats we face – and give our front lines the resources they need. John Kerry has a six-point plan to ensure that we are safer, stronger, and more secure on our own soil.

Creating a New Era for America's Schools
We need a president who will roll up his sleeves and get things done for America’s schools. By supporting teachers, reducing class sizes, rebuilding crumbling schools, and standing up for high standards in our public education system, John Kerry has the courage to fight for our children’s future every day.

A Cleaner and Greener America
We owe it to our families, our communities, and to our planet to elect a president who will unapologetically pursue our environmental values. Unlike the Bush Administration, where special interests rule and the environment suffers, a Kerry Administration will build its policies around citizens’ needs and aspirations.

A Principled Foreign Policy
Americans deserve a principled foreign policy backed by an enlightened self-interest and undoubted military might – a diplomacy shaped by our own national security. John Kerry will pursue a bold, progressive internationalism that commits America to lead the world toward liberty and prosperity.

Making College Affordable for All Americans
Today’s young people need a president who will take on the Bush tax cuts and stand up for their future – a leader with the courage to help them pay for, prepare for, and complete college. In a Kerry Administration, if you believe in yourself enough to work hard and do what’s right, your country will invest in you.

Fairness And Security In Immigration Policy
John Kerry believes that America needs immigration policies that are fair and safe. The United States is a diverse nation built by people from all parts of the world who are here because they believe in freedom, democracy, and justice. Immigration is central to our nation’s history, as almost all of us are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. At the same time, John Kerry believes the federal government must secure our borders so that terrorists do not use our immigration system as a means to enter the country and do us harm.

I think we all agree on these issues.

This was taken directly from http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/
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