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Why will you vote for... (1 Viewer)


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Sep 30, 2012
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Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Me, I think I will put my pet's name on the ballot.
I'm not voting for those guys, I'm voting for Gary Johnson, the only reasonable Presidential candidate of them all.
Trump so I can witness firsthand the collective MSM head explode.
Most likely Bernie Sanders.

I think he's resigned himself to the fate, even leaving the Democratic party.

Though I wonder how the Trumpettes would react when Hillary wins.
Is your pet's name Johnson?

I can not tell you. As Trump would say, "It is secret." :lol: A matter of national security.
Trump so I can witness firsthand the collective MSM head explode.

They would love nothing more than to have a Trump presidency. It'll help them sell commercials at a higher price and that is all "news" is about anymore.
Who's head explodes when Hillary wins?

All the county's citizens that we go to war with when she becomes President.

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