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Why the image of the American democracy is somewhat fading outside America?



It’s not due to democracy itself. Rather those who put it into reality take responsibility. Look how it goes in Russia. The democratic majors there are Union of Right Forces (URF) & Yabloko. The movements themselves and their leaders are just good for nothing. My friends living in Moscow say that they are actually disappointed with the both. They’ve already made a lot of gaffes undermining democracy perspectives in Russia. Their last egregious mistake in the series is their attempt of uniting with nationalistic movements (National Bolshevik Party) and militant marginals of all sorts, so called skinheads in particular. Are they aware those alliances degrade their own political status to the level of that rubbish? There was info that Yabloko members were beating up their political opponents. Perhaps they think those methods would fit well their revolution plans in Russia. If so, their choice of allies makes one think they are getting ready for a bloodbath revolution in Russia. I strongly doubt this could help their low rating take off.
On the 27th of Nov. there is going to be the “antifascist demo” in Moscow with URF and Yabloko participating in it. Ain’t they feeling it’s going to be a huge hypocrisy on their part. And it can’t be missed on rest of Russians. Maybe they are to probe authorities and people’s reaction. My worst fear is that it could end in destroying all the previous effort of breeding democracy in Russia.
It has been America's goal since the end of WWII, to end Communism. But hey :wcm to the forum.
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