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Why so much ado about gypsies in the EU?



Why so much ado about gypsies in the EU? I bet you our wily pols are just employing it as a blinder. There’s much more huge challenge in European lands now. They are Chechens! Those Chechen diasporas mushrooming in EU countries (here in Poland as well) are really threatening European security imho.
Last week there was info in mass media relating Chechens involved in kids porno in the Net. Those geeks were arrested thanks Lord. But many other are doing their murky job (drug trafficking, criminal activities and other) in this country and elsewhere.
I’ve been on friendly terms with a policeman, Fancy he says they are presently searching for “Chechens having some oppression or victim record in Russia’. He says it’s some “order from Washington” which is now reanimating some Russian-Chechen Friendship Society which is to be based somewhere in Europe. I suspect Yankee are strongly interested in those Chechens making more troubled water here….
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