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Why should we go into darfur?


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Jun 5, 2010
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north carolina
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you hear different people whining about how america isnt going into darfur and trying to solve the problem. So what? Why should i care?

Yes there are people being raped and murdered every day over there. Why should the US waste its time and money with the problem of genocide in africa. Whats the point? to end it? please lets get real here.

Torture, rape and murder are nothing new to africa. It has always been going on and always will be. its not our job to try to fix it, spend billions doing so, and in the end somehow be made out to be the bad guy. Screw that...

People get drawn in by the sympathy card. From what ive seen the same people who are all about this darfur mess didnt stop and say during the beginning of the iraq war "oh ****, saddam has tortued and killed hundereds of thousands of his own people, used chemical weapons on noncombatants of a different country, which started the gulf war where more people died. Lets kill that guy!" No they didnt whine for those people, the whined for the people who were struck by american weapons while we were trying to remove him from power, and how america is a evil nation out for oil. (I’m not saying we didn’t go over there because of the oil, if oil wasn’t there we wouldn’t be there. Lets not let this thread become another iraq and oil debate please. I just used that to make a point.)

Have you really done anything to stop the genocide? No you go about your day here in America drinking your starbucks coffee discussing with your buddies how America needs to go over there and do something. If you are a person who wants the geneocide in darfur to stop i got an idea. Round up all you darfur buddies, take all that money that you are spending on relif and aid that isnt solving any problems, buy yourselfs some AK-47s, learn how to use them, go over to africa and kill anyone who is causeing this geneocide yourself. Until then stop wasting everyone’s time with your whinny bull****.

Do you know how many women are being raped? How many children are being molested and beaten by there own fathers? how many people are being shot at over drugs, money, and power? How many childeren that are starving because there single mom cares more about a hit of meth than being a parent? All while we sit here and talk about it on this fourm. Don’t sit there and say America wont risk anything if it has nothing to gain when you yourself are the exact same way.

America has had all kinds of problems that have been thrown at it. Somehow we took care of them ourselves and then made the nation what it is today. Now all of a sudden we are sopposed to do that for Africa and the rest of the world? People whine about America not doing anything about it, look around, the whole world isn’t doing anything about it. Everyone has there own problems to worry about, not darfur’s.

Thats my two cents on it anyway. If i offened you then, well... well i really don't care.
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