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Why Playing Dumb, Stupid & Negligent Doesn’t Eliminate Corruption & Criminality In Stolen Elections


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Jan 29, 2015
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Why Playing Dumb, Stupid & Negligent Doesn’t Eliminate Corruption & Criminality In Stolen Elections

Why Playing Dumb, Stupid & Negligent Doesn’t Eliminate Corruption & Criminality In Stolen Elections​

Broward County, Florida is the absolute worst part of America... Their sheriff hid from a mass shooter instead of taking him out. They literally tried to steal a Presidential election in 2000. And the woman now in charge may have a slow drawl but she is a repeat offender in manipulating elections. She chalks it up to the “aw shucks” “we not very fast with our voting” shtick that no one is seeing through...She complained that they had “a large number of write ins, that they had a large number of early votes, and a large number of day-of votes.” The drawl and act is actually (she hopes) substituting for accountability and it’s time to point out a handful of very inconvenient facts... On Saturday other election officials took their turn at standing in front of cameras and appearing to be offended. Their protestation couched very specifically, “Our staff has seen no evidence of criminal activity at this time.”
If by evidence they mean they didn’t witness someone directly filling in a vote or illegally signing a ballot then good for them.
But there are lots of questions that seem to demand a look into what criminality has been committed.
Here’s a few:
On election night Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes had been cast in total, but today her office filed a total of 717,000.
Where did 83,000 more votes come from? Did her office either purposefully under report the total number on Tuesday? Or did her office purposefully manufacture 80,000 more since then?
How did she “accidentally” co-mingle fifteen illegal votes with a batch of two hundred legal ones?
Representatives of both campaigns are allowed to monitor the entirety of the vote count. Yet not only were representatives denied access, she denied even a camera being present.
The Florida judge on Friday found that she violated specific state law because of those actions preventing needed transparency to keep the integrity of the process.
Even after the judge (who has jurisdiction over Snipes) demanded she relinquish access to the ballots and processes by 7pm Friday evening — as of 8:30pm she sent an associate to the press to alert them that they would not be complying with the judge’s order.
The Florida Lt Governor’s office announced a signed affidavit of an election worker stating that they were eye witness (first hand) elections officials were filling in ballots.​
It would appear to most normal people that these instances not only provided a basis of evidence that wrong doing is occurring but that by defying the Judge in the case it is in fact criminal wrong doing at that.

Progressive Democrats cause Constitutional crisis's every day and the GOP needs to get used to answering them, opposing them, and winning. Apparently, No Democrat can ever be held accountable, for anything. The main difference in Democrat’s and convicted felons is that the Democrat’s are too rich or too shifty to ever be convicted of any crime. When people are able to ignore the law and judicial orders just because they are "Democrats", it creates a level of frustration among those of us who are not. That is difficult to process.
Rubio is a U.S. Senator, he has no authority within the state, yet has spoken out. But, Scott surely does. You can not rely upon county law enforcement in Broward, they are at least as much, if not more, corrupt. The 2000 election was damaging, but this will seriously put our election process into serious question. Can we ever trust election results again from both Broward and Palm Beach Counties?
This debacle might be a blessing in disguise. It's worthwhile to have this fight here and now. The Republicans need to take this all the way SCOTUS if need be. Every ballot needs to be scrutinized, the activities of every person involved in Broward County government investigated. Crimes must be punished so severely that when the 2020 election comes around, the Dem's will be too gun-shy to commit further wholesale fraud. It is amazing to see the people of this country wanting Democrats in charge of our Federal Government when they see plainly that the local and state governments being run by Democrats are complete disasters. Why in the hell would anyone want a country run by Democrats when they can't run local and state governments?
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