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Why More Navy Commanding Officers are Getting Fired Today


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Jan 24, 2013
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Why More Navy Commanding Officers are Getting Fired ?

In the past four years more Navy commanders (ship and shore) have been relieved from their commands than during any other time since WW ll. Why is that ? In my opinion, political correctness and using the military for social engineering.

The following is an opinion piece that was posted on the U.S. Naval Institute website today.

>"As of this date, 16 Navy commanding officers, including five ship captains, have been relieved of their respective commands in 2013.

Is this number particularly significant? Well, while the number of ships in commission has continued to decline, to what is now the lowest number since 1916, the number of ship captains being relieved of their commands is steadily increasing. So, the percentage of ship captains being fired is rising, every year, and that should be a concern.
These officers are, quite literally, the best we have — the best we could make. Each has risen to command following years of intense competition and preparation. How could these captains be so ferociously competitive and yet fail at such a high rate?

According to Commander, Surface Forces, ship captains get relieved for two primary reasons: operational misconduct and personal misconduct..."<

Continue reading. -> Opinion: Why More Commanding Officers are Getting Fired | USNI News
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