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Why is South America turning Socialist?


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Aug 27, 2005
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We pretty much drove them to it.

The Neoliberal movement, in which South American nations were to become US client states, is now coming to an end. People there are blaming Capitalism, but it is the tarnished image of Capitalism, not Capitalism itself, which is driving South American nations away from what is the best system in the world. But the best system in the world is only the best as long as it is not abused. Having a Capitalist system which only benefits a few, and which attempts to control economies through government intervention in the markets which favor the select few, enforced by death squads trained here in the United States is not Capitalism, but a perverted form of Communism, in which the wealh of many is redistributed to a select group, while the rest are left in abject poverty due to the theft of their resources.

After the fall of the old Soviet Empire, we Americans had a unique opportunity to spread Capitalism and free markets throughout the world, and especially in South America, but the unmitigated greed of a few has ruined that chance.

Why does South America look up to Fidel Castro and spurn the United States? If we all take a hard look in the mirror, it is easy to see that the reason Capitalism didnt take hold is because we didnt give Capitalism a chance to take root. Supporting ruthless dictators and greedy oligarchs is not supporting Capitalism. The blame, for which Capitalism has been forever lost in South America, can be laid directly on us. We had our opportunity and blew it in a big way, and although Bush is culpable, this didnt start with him, but those before him, including Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.

In the end, corruption and Soviet-style tactics breed contempt, and we have earned that contempt by our own heavy handed and deadly meddling in South American economies to the point at which they have turned their backs on us and are now embracing Socialism. There is no one to blame but ourselves.

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