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Why I support Jack Phillips and freedom

I am of the belief the government should neither enforce or prohibit discrimination.

If for example, Baker Jack doesn't want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, a black couple, a Hispanic couple, an Asian couple, an interracial couple, etc... He has that right, even if it is racist/homophobic (he isn't but I am just making the case he is in this example).

A couple of thoughts:

1. Freedom allows people to be racists or homophobic. As unpopular as that thought maybe, it is true.
2. The government is no way should force Baker Jack to bake a wedding cake (an exercise of artistic expression) if he doesn't want it. That being said I also believe the government shouldn't get involved and make it illegal for Baker Jack to make cakes for KKK members or bake cakes attacking Christians or Jews.

This may be unpopular but needed to be said. The Civil Rights Acts, for example, was in response to racist laws that shouldn't have been made the law, to begin with. We don't need to give "extra" rights to minority groups or create additional laws.

I wish people left Jack alone. A free marketplace will dictate his bakery shop. The government in no way should interfere with a case like this because it is completely unnecessary.
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