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Why I support captial punishment

In my opinion the only reason to oppose the death penalty is: 1.) if there is any possibility the person is innocent orm2.) it too harsh a punishment. Otherwise, this is why I pro-actively support the death penalty:

1. A violent sadistic, torturous murder is not entitled to the benefits, experiences and pleasures of life. Not to been able to fantasize into any pleasures, not to watch TV and read, not to be able to communicate or social with or from anyone, not to taste food and feel any comfort, nor to have experiences of dreams, to be able to reflect and think of the pleasures they experienced in their torment and murder of others, not to have a fan club nor even the slightest benefits of being alive.

2. The surviving relatives, children, parents, aunts and uncles, spouses, and friends do not have to accept and live with the knowledge that their murdered loved ones so sadistically and unjustly murdered no longer have the benefits of life - while the government is assuring and protecting the murderer having all the benefits and experiences of living carefree.

3. No one should have to endure 1 second of being in the presence of the sadistic murderer - not even other inmates or guards - who also are humans with rights.

4. It is pure hypocrisy. If Ted Bundy has been killed by one of his would-be victims or in a shootout with the police, people would declare his dead a good thing. But if captured then the same people declare harming him would be wrong.

5. It makes the slogan of government against vigilante-ism a lie. The declaration of government is do not take law into your own hands because you might get it wrong - but then the government instead rewards the person by providing everything for and protects that person - guarenteeing the person the benefits of life without labor or effort - which he would not even have but for having sadistically murdered innocent people.

6. It is an unjust expenditure of government resources and services. Money is a finite resource. Spending a million dollars to provide all necessities of life and the benefits of life to a proven sadistic murderer is the government declaring that murderer has greater entitlements as a reward of murdering innocent people - than innocent people who will lose their lives being too poor.

7. It is a just punishment for the offenses against humanity and individuals the person consciously, willfully and knowingly committed.

8. So the person has no opportunity to boost of what they did - to others or themselves.

There are two KNOWN false reasons people give in opposition to the death penalty. Both are false - and in my opinion the rationalizations known false:

1. "Capital punishment is the government committing murder."
This is a lie. Killing and murder are not the same. Murder is the killing of a person who is innocent and undeserving of death. A person determined guilty of deliberate sadistic violent murder(s) under the rule for law is not killing an innocent person undeserving of death.

2. "That life in prison is worth than death."
This is false. If it is true, then it MUST be also government policy that every person who has a low quality of life due to poverty, illness or other bad circumstance of life MUST be killed by the government as an act of mercy - and not doing so is evil.

In fact, having life is superior to death. For the government to declare that life is worse than death as government policy is a horrific concept on its face.
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