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Why I rejected veganism and LOVE meat


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Dec 5, 2015
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I tried being a vegan but failed. Too many times was I lacking in energy. I realized that many of the valuable nutrients we need are found in meat and animal products.

First off, The American Heart Association is a completely biased organization. They claim cholesterol is bad for you. That is completely false.

Second, fat is good for you! I love yogurt. You should never trust dairy products that are "fat-free" or "dairy free" A lot of times those are loaded with trans fats or unnatural products. Fats like those found in plain natural yogurt is good for you! It is packed with tons of nutrients that help you think. Our brain is mostly fat.

Don't believe people that say egg yolks are bad for you. Egg yolks are packed with nutrients, lutein, and zeaxanthin which is good for your eyes and memory. You also need iron and a lot of it. Red meat and liver are packed with it. Some people take iron supplements but supplements are not a fix all.

I still avoid carbs. Trying going to a Brazilian steakhouse. Your body will fill up on a few steaks, it is really hard to overeat. Compare that to high carb foods. I could eat like 5 bowls of pasta. It is the complete opposite of meat! It is a sign that when you carbo load your body is not getting what it actually needs.

Just my two cents.
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