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Why don't you like him or her?


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Mar 25, 2010
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You know that one person you just cannot stand. That one person who makes you scowl the minute you see them, hear their voice, see their Facebook status, get an email from them, etc.

You don't have to say who it is - just - why do you loathe them so much?
There are 3. One is one of my brothers who is always some combination of being an insulting smartass, angling on getting something, or trying to stir up drama. Pretty much everybody in my family disappears when he shows up. Everybody has an escape plan plotted out at family gatherings for when he shows up. Even our MOTHER cannot stand to be around him.

The other 2 are a girl I knew in college who is batpoot crazy but married to one of my best buds from then and you can do no right with her she gets so irrational (yes she has been diagnosed mentally ill) and the other is a lady I used to work with who used to be a really fun interesting person but now she just rotates among her friends to dump all her woe-is-me emotional baggage on but she is always so circumspect about it it feels like she is sucking the life out of you just to figure out what the hell it is that is bothering her. Just way too needy.
You might see something they've posted through mutual friends...

How about just avoiding facebook altogether? Personally, I have enough trouble being accessible to people just with the phone and email. I have no inclination to add more to that.
I can't really say that I hate anyone. Those with annoying behaviors "ignorance,racism, violence, etc." are all predisposed to do so by their genes and also home environment. Do I associate myself with them? No. Do I hate them? No, because they have no choice in who they are, and only the arbitrary collocation of genes and a decent home environment separates myself from them, things I had little control over.
I generally don't hate or like many people. The only person I have really hated recently is my brothers ex-girlfriend who is a compulsive liar, drug addicted drama queen that would do nothing but fight with both me and my brother.
he started a war that didn't need to be fought
conspired with big oil to drive gasoline prices from $1 to $4 per gallon
sanctioned torture
disclosed the identity of a CIA agent to intimidate her husband away from pointing out any more of his lies
is the personification of evil
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