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Why do canines sniff other canines butts?


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Jun 1, 2006
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Many many years ago just as the civilization of Man was beginning to be organized the Canine Population also began to come together.
One Canine (being a serious minded pooch) decided that he should throw a party to which all the other Canines would be invited.
He thereupon sent out invitations (RSVP of course) to every other Canine he could think of, he also asked his friends to invite their friends to this party.
The great night arrived and all evening a steady stream of Canine's entered the building where the party was to be held.
Then each of them was requested by the Big Butch bouncer Canines to hang up his / her butt in the coat checkin room, and this they all did, prior to entering the Party proper.
Unfortunately at some time during the evening, the tickets which identified each Canines Butt became muddled up and the bouncers and checkin Canines were not able to sort out the mess.
So being Canines they said Oh well '**** happens' and went and joined everyone else who were having a great time at the Party.
Now the Canine who had rented the hall had to hand it back to it's human caretaker at a preset time.
So about 30 minutes before this was due to happen, he called for quiet and announced the fact that everyone had to be out of the building inside 20 minutes, (he wanted the other 10 minutes to brush up and collect all the Party debris).
He also made a further announcement that unfortunately the ticket stubs which identified each Canines Butt were unfortunately muddled up and consequently it was going to be that every Canine as he / she departed the building, would be handed a Butt.
And this is what was done, oh yes, there were grumbles and a few choice barked words here and there, but what could they do, the building had to be handed back.

But the Canines were not happy and some of them decided that they would seek out which of the other Canines had been given their Butt and they would demand it's return.

And that my friends is why every Canine sniffs every other Canines Butt, what they are doing is looking for their own Butt.
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