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Why can we see such difference in penalties?


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Jun 15, 2010
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According to Novosti-Georgia Municipal Court of Poti has imposed a fine on Chinese-managed general cargo ship, Hong Success, which is owned by St. Vincent & Grenadines Company named Hougli Shipping for environmental damage. Obviously it is the next pretext for draining the money of foreign vessels, called at ports of current Georgia! See for yourself!
At first Georgian Preventive Service has demanded penalties for so-called “illegal infringement of Abkhazian territorial waters” (Abkhazia Protests over Seizure of Ukrainian Dry Cargo Ship by Georgia - News Agency InterpressNews). Then Georgia has begun to detain and seek penalties for polluting the Black Sea in the region of the port of Poti (Dry-cargo Hong-Kong vessel detained for polluting Black Sea | Vestnik Kavkaza). Moreover, if dry-cargo Hong Kong vessel was fined $5,500, then dry-cargo ship “Hong Success” was claimed a penalty of $35,000! Not bad, isn’t it? But this brings up the question. Why can we see such difference in penalties?
The matter is that this practice has simply become a unique gravy train for current Georgian regime!
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