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Why Bother Blogging?

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You’ll hear me bitch about willful ignorance.

You are barreling down the road, choosing to ignore all the ‘bridge out’ signs, crashing through the barriers at full speed, swerving, getting jostled around on the absent road, downing another bottle of scotch, and laughing at your sleeping family and me in the car, who’s a little worried to say the least... You’re a ****ing lunatic, that’s all… I had fun with the ‘ignorance is bliss’ thing too, but I got over it, chose to be an adult – who isn’t always popular with the kids…

In Grade 2, I started realizing that adults were severely messed up. They didn’t have a satisfactory answer for why they were such hypocrites or why bother having the ‘rules’, the bible, etc, at all? They just said ‘because that’s just the way it is’, and don’t you dare ask ‘why is that just the way it is’ right then, if you didn’t want it escalating, maybe even to violence…

I could only roll my eyes at what idiots they seemed to be, living stupid and aimless lives, the opposite of what they preached, bitching about it, and not even KNOWING WHY, or even seeming to care to know why… Good grief… A bunch of retarded munchkins were running the planet, and nobody seemed to notice much less care… I knew when I got older I was going to kick them around a little but I got lost myself, wanted to just fit in, be cool, do the grown-up thing, only give so much of a ****…

Its a line of popular thought we chuck around, this ‘do unto other’s’ stuff, sure, but only to a certain point. If you actually think that crap applies in ‘real life’, well you’re just out there, immature and naïve about it, that’s not how the real world works, but don’t ask why…

It never seems to occur to anyone that maybe finding out WHY we live the opposite of our principles… ****, just stop bailing water and plug the ****ing hole already. You think maybe plugging the hole could be a sort of ‘vaccine’ for things like war, complacency, runaway corruption – the surface stuff we’ll be bailing till we sink…?

Could you imagine if populations all over the world would NOT stand for ‘leaders’ who wanted war, who ‘re-negotiated’ human rights…? Could you imagine if they were informed enough to recognize despotism while they were looking right at its friendly face?

It’s only hard to get from here to there – being there is going to be a breeze by comparison. I guess that means some kind of plan of transition is necessary, probably unpleasantly so… Who knew that anything worth a damn took sacrifice, work, grit, courage, principle, focus…? I’ve got a thesaurus I can grab too… Probably has ‘The American Way’ right in there somewhere…

I don’t think we’re that stupid. We were intentionally led to keep bailing, forgetting there’s a hole to plug. If we remember to plug the hole, the gig is up for the Head Munchkins. No matter where you bury your head, we have a government turned despotic because we weren’t paying attention. That’s what our willful ignorance cost us. The same as thousands of years of history have shown to happen time and again, why the founders WARNED us of it very specifically. This is what it looks like, take a good look… Think about what you’re seeing, who it benefits…

You can call history and the founding father’s a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ if that makes you feel better, but you’re only deluding yourself about what road you’re on. They aren’t going to announce it for you. Is that what you really expect? ??? Have you ever used ‘child psychology’ to get something out of your kids while you maintain control? Do you disclose the cracked engine block on the car you need to sell, or is that up to the buyer to find for themselves? We’ve been living lies for so long, we convinced ourselves they were true…

It’s so much more pragmatic to keep a population stable, milk-able, and profitable, than rioting, unproductive and expensive during a despotic transition. You lie for as long as you can. It’s how the pro’s do it. Not only is it happening in the good ol’ US of A, its fantastically better than anything before it…

Who’s the Paranoid One…?

I’m hardly paranoid. That’s another myth that just makes it easier for you to ignore me. You were trained that way. The reality is much crazier…

What kind of person do you think it takes to work in a department concerned with every unforeseeable, non-existent threat? Just because there’s no proof of these threats, doesn’t mean they don’t exist? They’re out there somewhere, plotting, planning, among us, with bottles of water and hand lotions… I hate to tell you that the people running the planet are the paranoid ones, and so are you, which is why we’re in the mess we’re in…

But we need rough men prepared to kill women and children to keep us safe... Wow, I think I butchered that cool line Jack Nicholson delivered in some blockbusting movie, but you know what I mean… I’m multi-tasking, can you dig it?

From where I’m standing, I could call your desires to fit in, wear the right brand names, drive the right cars, be in the right class, the right weight and body shape, the right hairstyle, conversation, picket fence, etc, et-****ing-cetera, paranoid on the extreme side. There are 9 year-old girls who already know not to rub their eyes because of wrinkles… It’s a sad joke that we can foreshadow that ‘killer’ and carry that for 30 years out, but we don’t pay attention to our reality, our history, what’s truly important… We are very, VERY ill…

We’re conflicted with our hard-held beliefs too. We believe in God, but hate that religions fight. We want hot ass on our magazines, but think people shouldn’t be objectified so much. Sweat shops bad, low prices good… On and ****ing on, right? Somehow we just live with the hypocrisy like it’s just part of it, human nature, or we just don’t think of it at all... A stiff drink’ll take care of that when you can’t look at yourself in the mirror every once in awhile, forced to put the ‘real world’ ahead of the one with all the mirrors…

It’s because our hard-held beliefs are invented, not human nature at all, but the nature of greedy munchkins who want control of everything. We feel so conflicted because the invented beliefs clash with everything human nature about us – because greedy munchkins understand real human nature and are using it against us.

We’re not failing because we can’t figure it out. We’re failing because the paranoid Head Munchkins have us pointed at the cliff on purpose, laughing all the way from the… hmmm… We’ve been divided and conquered, and we call it human nature because that’s what we were trained to think, like good little munchkins… I only know too well how it sounds. It makes me question my sanity at times. The fact that I’m still questioning is a good sign, I suppose…

Maybe it literally hurts your brain to think on it too hard. Maybe you just can’t admit something that horrendous and terrifying is real at all. Maybe you’re rhyming off a list of tired names and medications I should be on… All I can say is it took me 2 ignores, then hundreds of hours before I decided for myself on the 3rd time… I don’t think I’m a stupid person. I don’t think you are either. Maybe you’ve got some work to do...

But you won’t. I’m too old to fall for that, remember? I’m just sulking and pointing my finger from my corner while we kill time…




Benevolent Dictator
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May 19, 2004
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I enjoy reading your rants.

"It’s because our hard-held beliefs are invented, not human nature at all, but the nature of greedy munchkins who want control of everything. We feel so conflicted because the invented beliefs clash with everything human nature about us – because greedy munchkins understand real human nature and are using it against us."


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Dec 21, 2009
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Love your blog, finger. :)
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