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Why Autumn’s murder wasn’t ‘news’


May 11, 2013
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August 17, 2013

What’s your sense of a big TV news story? Might this qualify?:

Two teen boys lure a 12-year-old girl to their home under the guise that they want to trade bicycle parts. When the girl arrives, she’s strangled to death, her body thrown in a Dumpster, her new bicycle stolen.

That would qualify, no? Even if it happened in Arkansas or Michigan, we’d know about it. And if it had happened around here? Yow! Both local and national news media would be all over it, yes?

Well, it did happen around here, in October, in Gloucester County, NJ, a 90-minute ride from Manhattan. The victim was Autumn Pasquale. This month in court, 16-year-old Justin Robinson confessed to the murder while his year-older brother and accused accomplice, Dante, still faces murder charges.

Quite a story, eh?

But I’ll bet you didn’t even know, until now, about the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale. I watch lots of TV news, listen to lots of radio news, national and local. Not once did I see or hear anything about her murder, allegedly by two teen boys, for, good grief, her bicycle.

You see, in the media’s once noble, right-headed, fair-minded quest to condemn racial inequality, that quest has become corrupted by race; it has become twisted, hideously unbalanced.

There is no question in my gut, heart and head that Autumn Pasquale’s murder became a make-it-go-away, non-story because she was white and her alleged killers are black.

Autumn’s was both a politically incorrect murder and story, as are those that include black teens shooting to death black teens every day and night, in 20, 30 cities and towns across America. But if a white kid shoots a black kid . . .


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Where's Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama on this? Oh, I forgot Autumn was a white girl.
I don't think you understand what viral media is...So you believe that Al Sharpton, President Obama (show some respect) and Jesse Jackson just constantly search for race bias in news media to then pontificate on. Or maybe the news media et al (Fox included) looks for a story with a narrative arc that allows them to do wall to wall coverage (e.g. vigilante shoots unarmed black teen). If you want to see a real race bias in this country just look at all the amber alerts (bunch of blonde white chicks).
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