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Why am I a news junkie?

I am a news junkie and have been since I was 10 years old and Discovered KGO radio late night. My older bother got one of the early transistor radios for Christmas and he would go to sleep listening to music which at the time I didn't care fro and I would take the radio and search the dial until I found Ira Blue on KGO out of San Fransisco at a place called the hungry eye.

It led me to talk radio, the news and took me into journalism and communications, and over a nearly 40 year career I have still to this day never for got this.

From School which I graduated from at San Diego State early on and being a disk Jockey and on to career in executive management and back into news and reporting culminating in being a Talk Show Host who for 6 of 7 years in my last gig beat Rush Limbaugh in the local ratings prior to my retirement.

I was always sorry i never learned to spell and I tend to be wordy, but I have always stuck to the Joe Friday rule of, Just the facts ma'am, which is the who, what, when, where, how.

That has been lost in today's news.

My inability to write properly was never an issue because I was the only one one to see what I wrote and it was all about the delivery and the voice inflection.

Which I can still do and if I can firure out how I will give you a chance to hear it.

I say what I believe and it's never BS.
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