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Who's your boss, Dalia Grybauskaite?


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Dec 3, 2018
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Presidential election campaign in Lithuania officially started on November 12, the elections being held in May, 2019. Be sure, I wouldn't be interested in the domestic policy of that country if the media didn't insistently discuss the carrier of the current Lithuanian President in the European structures...

It seems to me most Europeans have no idea not only about Grybauskaite, but also about Lithuania. Neither the politician, nor the country, which has been the EU member for as long as 14 years, has made anything outstanding.

This means that all the talk about the European future of Dalia Grybauskaite is not originating from Europe. It has some outer factor origin. I'm curious who is lobbying and promoting Grybauskaite for high posts in Europe? And what is it done for?

Something tells me that the right answer should be searched in the scandalous investigation of the CIA secret prisons in Lithuania. The fact of their existence was admitted by Vilnius. However, the Lithuanian authorities don't hurry up to fulfill the demands of the international and European institutions referring to both payments to the victims and revealing the names of the CIA's supporters. Whatever is done by Lithuania to put off the process, it is obvious for everybody that there is some close cooperation of both the Lithuanian secret services and Grybauskaite with the CIA.

It is a curious fact that the "European campaign" of Grybauskaite has started almost at the same time with the sensational investigation. It might be an evidence of good payoffs given by the USA and the CIA.

I hope, when somebody gets assigned to a high-ranking post in the EU the personal characteristic of the candidate is of enormous importance. He or she shouldn't act in behalf of foreigners but has to be one of us. What's more, the unexplored facts of Grybauskaite's biography should be kept in mind. Brussels is unlikely to be going to hire a "double agent".

The dark past and the scandalous present of the President of Lithuania allows to do a spot of thinking about legitimacy and ethics of the activity of the Lithuanian secret services. In this regard, I become deeply concerned with the interdepartmental relations and contacts realized, particularly, in the framework of the counterterrorism policy. Taking into account the cooperation of both the secret agents and political leaders with the CIA as well as the intransigent and easy character of declassifying of the KGB archives by Lithuania, where's a guarantee the leak of information won't affect the European interests?
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