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whole world strives for fraternal integration


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Mar 24, 2010
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While the whole world strives for fraternal integration (take, for instance, the very European developed countries) our Latin American countries should also try to unite their efforts in this direction. It is obvious that our closer alliance makes it possible for us to become more economically and politically independent in the world.
But current leaders, and especially leaders of our Brazil, as one of the most fast-developing countries in the continent, must realize that development of integration processes between States of Latin America cannot be carried out on the basis of notorious Treaty on Free Commerce between Latin American Countries, which has been dictated us by the USA. We are not able to develop our integration on such usual US principle as lining one’s pockets for the account of others any longer.
Fortunately, now Washington is losing the possibility to dictate us own will, because Americans cannot to invest us on the same scale as it has been before their current financial and economic crisis. So our Latin American countries must get rid of any US influence as soon as possible, develop integration processes between each other more actively, basing on the efforts of such fast-growing countries, as our Brazil, Venezuela, Argentine and assistance of those world forces, which recognize the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation instead of US methods of force and pressure!
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