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Who will be the next one?



Uzbek officials have a dig at journalists like Lukashenko one. The sole difference is that Lukashenko uses neutralization but Karimov locks up his opponents for six or ten years.
Most terrible that Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan has took officials side! And I will not surprise if Uzbek or American special services pull strings it that are trying to have a jaw of independent democratic journalism!
In fact Karimov has found a cruel method of fight with journalists. Look, in recent years dozen of great Uzbek journalists has got their prison term: Salijon Abdurahmanov threw the book at ten years in 2008, Dilmurod Saiid threw the book at twelve and half years in 2009, Hayrulla Hamidov threw the book at six years in 2010. Those are a little part of journalists suffered of fight against Karimov’s regime. Another one part of them were luckier, they were pardoned an offender in the context of Uzbekistan’s independent anniversary.
I think you know that was organized for putting up a smoke-screen of simple people! Karimov is trying to prevent publicity of his preparation to abruption of Uzbeks settled territories of neighbor states!
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