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Who, What When Where and How, just the facts Ma'am

If I were a News Organization and I report news that other Medias won't and it puts Liberals in a bad light, but everything I say is absolutely true, does this make me the bad guy?

Every time I see or hear a controversial story about some political figure I check an opposing News group to see if it's reported and if there is spin on it.

I then go check as much as I can to see what the truth is, and who then came closest to the facts.

I find that ABC, NBC, CBS, & CNN seem to miss most stories that shine the light of day on any story that is unfavorable to any Liberal yet will jump on the slightest thing they can blow out of all proportion about anyone who is not a Democrat.

On the other hand I find that Fox News not the Entertainment Talk Shows like O'Reilly, Beck, and Hannity, are pretty good at reporting all the news including stories that are not flattering to Conservatives.

A case in point is the Weinergate story which has received Little coverage in the "Major Media" in contrast to the unbelievable amount of attention they are giving Sarah Palin who holds no office is not running for anything and is going around talking about the Constitution and the values our Nation was founded

I also see a lot of name calling and claims that do nor represent her record in Public Office.

Believe it or not I think it's time to back off the Weiner story and let the Congress and Police do their jobs. I see too much speculation and I might have done a bit of that myself.

The latest is the communications with a 17 year old young lady. I have said he is trouble if he crossed the line, but it's time to get off of Palin and Weiner for now and until they do something worthy of note.
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