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Who knows what exactly is going on in Kosovo nowadays?



I only know that some 35,000-40,000 armed extremists are concentrated there, who has wide guerrilla warfare experience. This being so, their ideologists and inspirators come out of Kosovo conspicuous political elite (e.g., Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj) and also leaders of region's paramilitary formation - the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) headed by General Agim Ceku, former Chief of Staff of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

If you apply a close analysis to the politico-military activity of US and NATO generalship, you will note a very low effectiveness of military presence of the alliance in the region. It was mainly conditioned by dual standard policy inflicted by the US to the sides involved into the military conflict.

Thus, KFOR officership along with that of the US military forces make no secret of the intent to transform KPC into the region's armed forces. Specifically, Multi-National East Wing Brigade serving in Kosovo assists in training operations of KPC units in Gnilan Region (namely, mortar attacks on Serbian villages).

What is more, NATO's South Wing Commander Harry Ulrich promised during the meeting with Albanian authorities in Pristina on September 28 that all-round support will be given to create military authorities and national guard on the basis of KPC (mind, KPC consists of former extremists). Then, does it mean legalization of extremists? I guess, it is so.


Oct 17, 2005
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I was in Bosnia at Eagle Base back in 98 when it was under the control of SFOR. Now, I am in Sarajevo at Camp Butmir and the area is now under the contol of EUFOR.
I was at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo for a little while.

Can you give me a link where I can read about this?
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