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Who is this "Strangler" guy anyway?

Checkerboard Strangler

Retired porn star
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Aug 8, 2005
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Los Angeles
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I'm a rabid Leon Russell fan who believes in the type of conservatism that truly "conserves" the very best principles in the world, the principles of our founding fathers.
The Founding Fathers weren't perfect, but they fashioned a blueprint for a democratic-style representative republic which was unique for its time.
They did what they thought best to insure that we would keep our republic, but they could not give any guarantees.
What they did give us was an invaluable tool with built in values, laws and creeds that would ensure the preservation of liberty and justice.
Conservatives by and large, seek stability of the state but to that end they often mistrust anything which is outside their immediate realm of knowledge or influence.
It is the conservative that ultimately looks to the fruits of past efforts and decides if those fruits were valid. But as it is a look to the past, conservatives will generally resist change or forward looking values which seem foreign.
Liberals generally work to widen the circle of inclusion and to that end they seek new blood and new ideas in the hopes of preventing the natural fascism of long established cliques. Many of those new ideas might even be conservative in nature, but still outside the sphere of the traditional conservative, so it is the liberal who must prove that idea's worth to the conservative.
It is liberals who seek to keep the gene pool fresh and vital, and when they fail to choose carefully in their search, they fail as liberals.

I'm a grateful old fart who is just glad to count another day in the life.

Hi and welcome:2wave:

Where'd ya get your name from? It's very unique.
Chicks dig a name like that dontcha know?

Naaah....juuuust kidding....I worked for Lockheed as a data technician under ridiculously tight security, guards at the gate sporting AR-15's, mirror checks under vehicles, etc.

(It was just after 9-11)

All personnel had to present ID and my driver's license pic....well...ahhh, I guess it wasnt too pretty, and one of the guys was a "funny" guard ( you probably get my drift---funny...as in sadistic).

It's 5:30 AM, 11 degrees F, and we're all lined up single file waiting to get into the building. Guys who cause a holdup in the line probably weren't too popular. Today was my lucky day!

"Hey Bill, getta load of this guy's ID....looks like a mad bomber or sumpin.
Whadda they call you back in your country mac, Checkerboard Strangler?"

The entire work crew fell out in nervous laughter and the name stuck.
I guess it beat what they were calling me....."Shrek".:roll:
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