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Who has divided Europe into two opposing forces?



I don’t know why but 2010 became a year of fight for Islam or fight against Islam in Europe, it’s hard to understand for me. But one clear idea I have, some part of Europe is ready to receive Muslims with open arms (like Germany)! Moreover some of them what to make observe Islam as a part of Europe. Another part of Europe (like France and Holland) try to stand for European values.
Most interesting that government of some EU members make a decision that drives across people’s opinion. German government annunciated Islam as a part of the country. But recent public-opinion poll showed that 60% of Germans object!
In Holland government and the nation are like-minded! The prohibition of the veil and other Muslim wearing was accepted as in France. Politicians are thinking about Muslims migration limitation. But in Germany officials think that making friends wih Muslims is a good thing to do. German government doesn’t seem to understand that discontent of the nation would sooner or later end in open confrontation to Muslims. And Muslims will answer by acts of terrorism! That’s why we need to think well what to do: whether stay in good relations with the own nation but wait for discontent of Muslims, or go for Moslims and wait for national unrest and then terror acts all the same…


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Sep 16, 2009
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Public are the Public and Rulers are the Rulers and ne'er the twain shall meet.

Same with East and West I suppose, Mr. Kipling.
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