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Who did you support that you are now glad did not become president?


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Dec 4, 2018
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As I perused my twitter feed this morning, I noted a bit about Mike Huckabee saying in regards to the Santa thing: "Wasn’t Like He Was Boiling a Little Girl’s Bunny Rabbit on the Stove". That man sucks at comedy every time he tries. Then I admitted that Huckabee is one fella I'm glad never became president.

But there are others who have supported that I'm glad never ended up president.

John McCain back in 2008. I was a bit more hawkish 10 years ago and he was an OK choice back then but I get the feeling we'd be really entrenched in other nations militarily. Plus, Sarah Palin. Really John?

Ron Paul in 2012. Dude's gone (battier) over the years. Might have gone that way as president.

Gary Johnson in 2012 and 2016. I live in AL so he was more of a protest vote in 2012. I actually do like some of Gary's policies, but I should have stuck with Mitt. Gary does not have the personality for the presidency. Admit it, no one wants a nerdy awkward guy as president. Senator maybe. Did not vote for him in 2016, but I considered it until it was evident that he was testing the product too much as his time as a marijuana CEO.

Rand Paul in 2016. He simply disgusts me now. Sometimes happens when you get to know a guy. Went from him to Kasich (got my vote in the nom), and then abstained because all choices were horrible.

So who did you ever support that, on reflection, probably would not have been a good choice?
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