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Who Are The Least And Most Funny Comedians


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Apr 16, 2005
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America (A.K.A., a red state)
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For the least funny, I have a 3-way tie between Richard Lewis, Gary Shandling, and Martin Lawrence. I laugh at them less than I do at SNL-and that's almost never anymore. They are just not funny.

For the most funny...even though I disagree with nearly every conclusion he has ever drawn about politics, I think Chris Rock is definitely the funniest man in America. He was even voted as such.

Coming in at a very close 2nd is Ron White. Third would probably have to be the old Dennis Leary stuff.

(I personally must exclude women on this one. Like many sports, women comedians are in a whole different league of suck compared to men. Women just aren't funny, almost ever. So, these answers of mine don't take in to account women "comedians" at all.)
As for least favorite, it's hands-down Adam Sandler...

Pick up a guitar, hit a chord, and sing like a little child...

"dabadaba-doo - dabadaba- dapping...
George Bush is - wire - tapping

Way to play to the least common denominator out there Adam...unfortunately, there's a lot of them and it makes you money...

He should get el-kabonged with that damn guitar...:roll:

Oh yeah...Dave Atell is the best...

"You know you're drunk when you get pulled over byyyyy the Coast Guard."
Worst? Gary Shandling, Ellen Degeneres, Jerry Lewis, and Bob Saget

Best? George Carlin, Chris Rock, and Richard Prior
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