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Whittaker before Congress


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Apr 20, 2018
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Washington, D.C.
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I'm watching AAG Whittaker testifying before Congress. I have to say that he looks like a man out of his depth.
  • He's being asked very simple yes-no questions about the facts of his own behavior and beliefs, and rather than just answering directly, he's given equivocal answers. (Even in response to Jim Jordan's questions.)
  • During his exchange with Rep. Jordan, Jordan tried to lead him multiple times to a get on a GOP talking point line, yet it wasn't until the very end when Jordan, realizing Whittaker just didn't get the hints in the question, laid it out on his own. (GOP-ers subsequently took to delivering monologues more so than questioning Whittaker.)
  • Whittaker had the gall to attempt to refrain from answering the committee chairman's question by telling the committee chairman that the chairman's time was up. (A brief guffaw ensued.)
  • Whittaker's cherry-picked the questions about conversations he's had with the POTUS. Basically, he's been indicating what he's not discussed with Trump, but he's not stating what he has discussed with Trump.
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