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White Racialist Myth #2 Exposed.

Mar 6, 2006
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Among the White US Terrorists
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The first myth we realized whites don't care about being white; and nothing is going to change that. Myth #2 is the great Jewish myth of the Jews want to destroy the whites in order so they can rule the world. Guess what? They are in decline in births, so if they have all this money and power, why didn't Jews have all these big families in order to secure themselves over the whites? Why did they also decline as whites in birthrate? See the link below for your proof and validation for all those why cry, "we need sources and proof." Plenty of links........

Child of Love, if you want you can argue; then argue on my first thread on White Racial Nationalism 'Wakeup mtyh' exposed, for me and alpheid (sp?) think racism is disgusting as well as many other people here in debatepolitics. You see Alpheid (sp?) my posts are needed here as racists do troll here. Love out.
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