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White House intervened to halt release of Bolton book with flawed classification review


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Mar 3, 2018
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So, for weeks I've been hearing pundits on Fox saying that "Bolton is in legal hot water for publishing classified material" blah blah blah. Turns out it was all BS to try and stop Bolton's book.

Here's the thing, now, I'm no Bolton fan, but he's been in and around the corridors of power and the national security apparatus long enough to know what is classified, and what is not. So, my gut feeling was that, given Trump's penchant for chicanery and towering propensity for bullshit, elevators full of bullshit, my gut feeling was that it was just hype, a ruse to trample on Bolton's first amendment rights, as Trump doesn't like kiss and tell types. Now, of course, the left criticizes Bolton for not coming out with this stuff during the hearings, and he certainly did sell out the country just to make some big bucks on a book; that being said, it doesn't change the fact that Team Trump is a dishonest crew.

White House aides took unprecedented steps to “commandeer” a pre-publication review of a book by former Trump national security adviser John Bolton and erroneously claimed it contained classified information to prevent its public release, a lawyer for a career official told a court Wednesday.

Kenneth L. Wainstein, an attorney for the official who conducted the clearance review, Ellen Knight, wrote that she came forward to warn against the “politicization” of government proceedings. He said that soon after requesting a copy of the manuscript on Jan. 6, for example, Trump appointees halted a response to Bolton’s request to prioritize approval of a chapter about President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine so it could be public during the Senate impeachment trial.
According to reports Trump also tried to classify Bolton's mustache.
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