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Whine & Cheese Leftists: The tragedy of lowering the refugee acceptance rate

Entering 2018, Trump slashed the refugee cap from 110,000 to just 45,000... the U.S... accepting just 20,825 refugees.


Well, we have about 30 MILLION illegals. Something the author ignores.

Had the Democrats secured the border as they promised in 1966 and 1985 or 86, we would not have a population the size of Canada invading.

Nobody on the Left seems to be crying about what that does to Americans.

The Leftists are so dishonest and corrupt, they cannot even get the term correct... these are not immigrants, but ILLEGALS... who committed a crime upon illegally entering the United States of America.

Once we get the illegal invasion sorted out and the wall completed, then let us discuss letting more people in... legally.

It’s not like Roosevelt denying Jews sitting off the Southern coast being denied entry during WWII.

Nor is it like Obama denying Christians to come here from the ME.

Where was the whine then Leftists?
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