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Which state is veiwed as the most corrupt


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Apr 16, 2005
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I say hands down the "Garden State" New jersey.
Ever day you can read in the papers about kickbacks, bribes, pay for play, political bosses. It's not confined to one party. The Democrats have the most power and are by far the biggest abusers.
It's not confined to state or county, small towns/cities are ruthless.

What's the perception around the country/world?
you should broaden that to which country or change it to which city is the most corrupt..
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I agree with Arch Enemy, need to either broaden or narrow the topic a little.
I could equally claim Texas because I am more familiar with it.
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Maine might have them all beat. We have an all Democrat controlled Legislature, all Democrat appointed judges, and 90 percent left wing press to cover up for them.​
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It's hard to narrow down what part of N.J, is corrupt because irt is the whole state.

We have political bosses like during the Tweed days that run everything.
The A.G. Chris Christie would not our state A.G. Harvey in on his investigation because of leaks. When Harvey found out the FBI had to move in sooner than was anticipated. Our ex-Govenor McGreevey didn't resign because he was gay. The guy ran a corrupt admin and they wrer closing in on him. The mayor of my town is his best friend.

Enough of the rant.
Thanks again for the welcome. I'm checking out your other topics.
I can see that you guys have some good discussions going.
Of course, why not? You have much to chose from.
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