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Which Political Party Will Best Protect Our Liberties? (1 Viewer)

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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Assassination of American citizens, extensive surveillance, arbitrary seizure of assets without conviction of a crime, aggressive (sometimes murderous) law enforcement (e.g., Ruby Ridge, Waco – and routinely by SWAT teams). And foreign wars, providing a fearfully patriotic public that supports an ever-growing government.

So long as our persons, communication, and assets are subject to arbitrary government assault each party believes we should have as a consolation prize a few inessential rights. For much the same reason Octavius designed the Principate to combine autocratic rule while retaining the outwards forms of the Republic. Rapid change frightens sheep.

Each has a fetish for some aspect of liberty, for much the same reason a teenage girl keeps a favorite doll from her childhood: to remind herself that she remains essentially the same despite her radical changes in mind and body.

Huzzah for statism vs statism-lite

Which Political Party Will Best Protect Our Liberties? by Fabius Maximus

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