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Which Party Really Bloc-Votes


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Apr 16, 2005
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America (A.K.A., a red state)
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Christian evangelicals are often falsely smeared. Those who resent them (for declaring that there is a way to tell right from wrong/correct from incorrect; that everything is not just conveniently gray area, unaccountable, and a matter of opinion-I defend them for this willingness not to be intellectual cowards) claim they are this huge, powerful force to be reckoned with, but every time membership and financial numbers come out about the Christian Coalition and other evangelical activist groups, they don't cast a shadow on their competitors.

They claim that evangelical bigots were what got Bush in for a second term (to avoid confronting what is wrong with the Democrat party), but they cannot explain why every national poll taken for years has shown the vast majority of people (this would mean, mainstream people) being against gay marriage.

They portray religious people as mindless sheep bloc-voting for Republicans on copmmand, but, as usual, the facts escape them. Around 55% of Christians voted for Bush in 2000. aroung 45% voted for Gore. The numbers were also almost 50/50 in 2004. Some scary, "jeapordizing the nation" bloc-voters they are.

So who really does endanger the country by mindlessly bloc voting for one side, without exception-if anybody?

-Blacks voted for both Gore and Kerry by over 90%.

-Labor Unions voted for both Gore and Kerry by over 85%.

-Women's groups and gay groups voted in the high 80s both times.

-Students (people who don't get it yet) voted in the low 80s for Gore and the mid 70s for Kerry.

(Since Democrats don't really stand for any discernable principles or philosophies, special interests ARE their base)

The only groups that have been moving left of center (and determining our national elections) are hispanics (because Bush lets/helps Mexicans screw over our economy by doing nothing about our borders) and women (who largely are voting Republican for national security (which, despite Bush's failures with the border, he has done a great deal for security in foreign policy-not continuing Clinton's 8-year non-response to Bin Laden or his appeasements for North Korea. Bush has also taken the fight to the Middle East and away from our shores.)
Both parties have groups that vote for them in a reliable bloc, obviously. I've never seen anyone except you claim otherwise, so who or what exactly are you arguing against?
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