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Wherefore Grece?

How is it that the singular greatest threat to the entire global econo-political system is hardly discussed here on DP? Greece can't pay it's debts, and this could potentially spell HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars worth of sucking sounds evaporating money in the form of called CDSs. Word to the wise - look out for a Greek default, because if it happens, it will be the only story that matters.


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Dec 7, 2009
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The reason why it's not discussed more is because this is a very, but not completely, U.S.-centric forum. Because of that, I think only a small number of DPers have a full grasp of the details of Greece's debt woes.

I would love to hear more about it, but I am totally unqualified to comment on it, which is why I haven't brought it up.
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