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When I was growing up, my mother taught me

When I was growing up, my mother taught me that democrats believe in change and republicans fear change.

She never told me that when it came to changing the status quo of Keynesian fiscal policy, entitlement programs, or the military industrial complex, both political parties agreed.

When I was growing up, my mother asserted that liberals are tolerant and conservatives are racist.

She forgot how racist and ignorant she was towards Asians, Arabs, and Muslims.

When I was growing up, my mother reminded me that republicans will always blame Clinton for the current national problems and credit Reagan for the current national prosperity.

She forgot to mention that the exact opposite was also true.

When I was growing up, my mother taught me American politics, and admitted that there are only two sides, a moral and compassionate left and a greedy, racist right wing.

She never told me that in order to think outside the box, you have to expand your mind to new ideas and consider the possibility that solutions may lie somewhere in between.

Mom taught me well. She taught me how to feel, how to laugh, and how to cry.

She forgot to teach me how to think.


that would appear to be the problem of most parents. Yea they want you to be a well functioning adult, but many want you to be so under their teachings and their ideas. they are afraid of the other side and so they shut it off. it is a national tragedy when you think about it. I for one sincerely detest it, as i detest party politics.
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