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What's up with those Yankees (1 Viewer)


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Sep 13, 2005
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Love'em or hate'em you've gotta respect them if you are a real baseball fan. This team has made itself into the only real dynasty left in baseball. The secret is having owners who want to win instead of coporations that just want to fill the ball park. The pillars of Yankee domination for me are Dan Topping and George Steinbreener. Here are owners who go out and get their team what is needed to win. Just take a look at the roster so far this year.


And they're not even done yet.

Once we got the wild card, latest expansion and inter-league play everyone said, "Well thats the end of dynasties in baseball." But the Yankees took the 98, 99, 2000 world series and appeared in 2001 2002 series. In the past 9 years they have one 6 American league pennants and and 4 world championships. Tell me that's not a dynasty.

I wish i could be a Yankee fan but i was born in another American league city and can't be a traitor to my home town, win or lose. And the Yankees look like winners again this year.
Screw the Yankee's. Go Dodgers and Angels.

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