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What's the youngest person you'd ever date?

What's the youngest person you'd ever date?

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Oct 29, 2010
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What's the youngest person you'd ever date?
Sixteen; I just turned 18 five days ago.

The woman I'm currently seeing is 36.
Currently 46... When I was 42, the woman I was datign was 25, so that difference of 17 years is ablout as low as I'd go. I don't prefer women that much younger though, there's too big a maturity difference. On average, 10 years younger is OK though.
Since I'm happily married, none of the above. However, if I had to make a choice, it would be someone in their 40s, I wouldn't date someone more than 5 years different from my age, I've tried it before and it's never worked out. Too many differences in maturity and interests.
Well, in terms of maturity, probably about 22. If they're still in college, they have an entirely different mindset than me and it probably wouldn't work. But in terms of a quick bang, 18. 18-21 year old girls are soooo hot.
Age of consent in Wyoming is 17. Wouldn't want to go much lower than that, as that's skirting the edge of adulthood anyway.
depends on the legal age of consent for the state I currently find myself.

seriously, no one under 30
nothing younger than 45
Your poll is just a smidge slanted toward the younger end of the scale, wouldn't you say, Solace? ;)

I'm 44. Last year I tried dating a 23yo. Didn't last long at all.... she was far and away too shallow and superficial, too inexperienced to keep my intrest.

I've set my new lower limit at 30, but I'm really starting to think that a woman in her 40's would be a more comfortable fit for me. Her kids would probably be grown, and there's something to be said for maturity.
Depends on whether it's for a relationship or just a one night stand. If the former, then I wouldn't go much younger than 22 or 23 (I'm 26). I'd want a girl who was near the end or done with college. I've got a couple friends who are in their early college years and we're in very different places in life. I don't think a relationship with someone that age would work.

If it was just a quick ****, then I'd go all the way down to 16, since that's the age of consent where I live.
(1/2 age) +7

the old Jewish rule IIRC-it makes alot of sense.

I read someplace that the best long term relationships begin with a man who is 4 years older marrying a woman who is better educated than he is.
I'm married, so none really now. However, if I were single, I'd date guys within about 5 years of my age. I usually went for younger guys during my single days (my hubby is 3 1/2 years younger). I know that I wouldn't want to date someone in their early 20s or younger, not mature enough for me. Not to mention, I'm convinced that most guys develop patience with age. And I require a lot of patience. But I also wouldn't date a guy more than a year or two older than me either. Never was into older guys.
Sixteen; I just turned 18 five days ago.

The woman I'm currently seeing is 36.

I can see making your poll's ages 16 and above. Having the ages below that is just plain weird to me.

So who is the perv who voted for the 13 year old? That's just plain pedophilia no matter what state's age of consent.

Creepy poll.

Sixteen; I just turned 18 five days ago.

The woman I'm currently seeing is 36.

Belated Happy Birthday.

You know your mother doesn't count. LOL Okay, merely teasing you. :smile:

Well sounds like you're having fun. Double standard on the woman's part, which we know society allows. If this were turned around, and they found out a male was "dating" a female who "just turned" 18, we know where that would end up.

Well I suppose she will teach you well until she moves on. Enjoy it while it lasts.
I prefer older guys. Anyone younger than me tends to be immature and spineless.
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