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what's going on?


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Jun 9, 2005
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A continuous debate and a big mess. Bush stands firm. Rumsfeld predicts a long time and lots of violence. The administration begs Japan to keep its soldiers in. Gas gouging goes on and on and the oil producers make 60 big bucks per barrel.

13 CIA agents are wanted by he Italian government in Rome suspected for abducting a Cleric under their investigation for terrorist activities;
"The CIA has declined to comment, and officials at the U.S. Consulate in Milan and the American Embassy in Rome have also declined to talk about the case." http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411366/594409/

Journalism takes another hit;
U.S. Newswire, June 27, 2005 Monday
" Following is a statement by Rick Dunham, president of the National Press Club on the Cooper-Miller CIA Leak Case:
"It is a sad day when American journalists face jail for doing their jobs..."

From USA Today;http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2005-06-26-detentions_x.htm
"Federal law allows the government to temporarily detain people who are suspected of having knowledge of a crime to ensure they testify. But the report accuses the government of operating in "a Kafkaesque world of indefinite detention" for many people who were never linked to terrorism"

While we have this "irrational exhuberance" about globalizing and doing business with the world, our administration defiles everything Democracy stands for, and Paul Wolfowitz, is now the World Banks 10th president. ooff!

The UN gets ready to celebrate ;
"SAN FRANCISCO - Dozens of international leaders celebrated the 60th anniversary of the United Nations' birth, but warned that the organization must institute significant reforms to remain an effective global peacekeeper. The Bush administration signaled its discontent with the world body by sending a single representative to the commemoration."

The U.N. a brain child of the Roosevelt Administration, where has the vision gone?



Will American pride keep Americans blind? We will live through this administration and read about it in the history anals! Pun intended... what will it say about us, what does it say about us now world wide?

Will nationalistic pride go before the fall? :afraid:
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