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What will happen with Muslim world if US attack Iran?



Pakistan president opinion: World Muslim rebellion could happen. By this way Mussharraf are trying to dissuade form war with Iran. The fact is that Islamabad has to come forward on the USA side as a ally (Americans deployed bases on the Pakistan territory and send F-15 there). Well, I think that it will be one more Bush’s and Rice’s mistake when they will incline Mussharraf to union openly and participation in war against Iran. Well, I think that we need Pakistan as a bridgehead but not by ally of US policy in region. Moreover open Pakistan participation in war could provoke citizens’ disorders and as a result of it Mussharraf regime will fall down. And of course the losing of so important ally in Central Asia will be hard failure for Bush and Rice!
Contrary to what many believe, the U.S. will never attack Iran. Persians, unlike Arabs who are very submissive to authority, have a long history of overthrowing their own governments. The current Iranian goverment is incompent, hated by most of it's population and is now relying on stolen elections and the police to surpress dissent.

Eventually, it will collapse due to the rot caused by the imbecilic and unworkable idea of running a 21st century state via a book of medieval fairy tales. The U.S. has only to stand on the sidelines and wait.
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