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What will be do with the USA? :)


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Nov 26, 2012
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Republic of Dardania
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I made perhaps an all too attention dragging title, but I am excited to tell you that the ocean that has separated our continents for so long shall be reduced continuously from now on end.

Estimated contact between the two continents is 220 million years from now, but the closer the better aye? So the question what shall we do with USA is about us Europeans here. But the question can also be reversed as to what will the USA do with the ever so approaching Europe?

Basically what would each of us wish the other to be before full contact?

There is time until then, so we better be prepared ;)


Duarte, J. C., Rosas, F. M., Terrinha, P., Schellart, W. P., Boutelier, D., ... & Ribeiro. A. (2013) Are subduction zones invading the Atlantic? Evidence from the southwest Iberia margin. Geology, DOI: 10.1130/G34100.1

New 'embryonic' subduction zone found
I guess the British will claim back their territories with all 220 million years taxes due. :lol:
As an American I refuse to accept your premise.

Europe will drift to us, not the other way around. These colors don't run.
As an American I refuse to accept your premise.

Europe will drift to us, not the other way around. These colors don't run.

Come to papa my son! You don't want your old man barely rise up and walk all the way to there do you!? I know you have been waiting for this for a long while! :2grouphug
Hmmm, what would I wish the USA to be like before contact....

For one I think they should know us more. How about history classes for all the countries in Europe? They should know our history, and how it is related to them chronologically and politico-economically.

Secondly, geography is a must! I would like them to know where I am by mind just like I have an idea where most states are at. Not in the level of streets of course, but it really upsets me when people do not know where Albania or Dardania is (ok, Dardania thing is new, but the same country with a previous name was also unknown!).

What shall be done with border regulations when the Atlantic Ocean becomes a river?
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