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What to do. What to do. (1 Viewer)

Am currently working on my Reenlistment package for 4 more years in the Marines. After that though am debating after a totally of 9 years in should I continue on and do 20 or should I get it out. If i get out am debating of becoming a History Teacher or going into politics with my ultimate Goal of becoming the Governor of Washington state. Suggestions?
My opinion is you should retire from the Corps (or corpse if you're Obama). Eleven years (after your next tour is up) sounds like a long time but it's not. You'd get good benefits, still have time to teach, and it would look really good when you ran for office.
History is awesome. I'm a history major, if I ever want to do anything besides the Corps, high school history teacher would be one of them. Would never want to run for public office though.

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