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What the Private Debate forum is

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What this forum is for:
This forum is for intellectually stimulating discussion between two or more parties that wish to post without the worries of other folks hyjacking (on purpose or accident) the thread. This allows for more complete ideas to flow.

What this forum is NOT.
This is not a "call you out" forum. That feature is available on our forums elsewhere - if you wish to do so, please utilize the appropriate forum.

The MODs cannot and *will not* require anyone to participate in this forum.

PM's encouraged
It is encouraged to PM the user or set up in advance your private debate idea.

If this forum takes off, we will make this a main forum instead of a sub.

Please remember, as with all the 'contests' forums, star2589 has moderation privs here. She is boss.
Not open for further replies.
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