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What the hell is it with SYTYCD...with the kids?

Frank Apisa

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Mar 4, 2008
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New Jersey
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What was Nigel thinking to devote this season to kids aged 8 to 13?

Dance requires a decent amount of sensuality in order to make it work. Do they realize how uncomfortable it is to watch kids demonstrating that aspect of the art?

Do any of you guys watch this show (which Nancy and I consider one of the most entertaining on TV)?
Try going to a dance competition on any given weekend. Just saying...
I'm completely lost on this. Are you saying that some 8 year old kid got an STD from dancing?
Try going to a dance competition on any given weekend. Just saying...

Greetings, OrphanSlug. :2wave:

Been there - done that - more times than I care to remember! When you have a bunch of girls in the family, it's written in the law somewhere that you are expected to be there to show support - or else! :mrgreen:
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