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What political philosophy do YOU support? (1 Viewer)

Comrade Brian

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Apr 18, 2005
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Which of these political philosiphies would you support?

A communist is a Marxist. A communist wishes to abolish the exploitation of man by man. He wants to do this by first abolishing private property over the means of production and giving power to the people (therefore establishing a socialist system), then slowly phasing out even personal property and the State itself, until communism is achieved. Communism is a classless, propertyless, stateless social system organized along the principle "from each, according to his ability; to each, according to his needs".

An anarchist is someone who wishes to establish communism virtually overnight, without going through any intermediary socialist stage. Anarchists call for the immediate abolition of the state and all private property.

A socialist is a person who supports a socialist system - in other words, a system of public ownership over the means of production, with a planned economy and a democratic state - but without wishing for that system to eventually turn into a communist one. A socialist wants to abolish private property over the means of production, but maintain personal property and the state. A socialist wants to reduce inequality to a minimum, but not remove it entirely.

A social democrat is someone who wants to combine socialism with capitalism. Social democrats believe they are taking the "best" elements of both socialism and capitalism and using them together to create a "mixed economy" (also known as a welfare state).

A centrist or moderate is a person who doesn't really hold any political views, and simply chooses whatever option seems best to him/her at one particular time.

A liberal is someone who supports capitalism (private property over the means of production) but wants people to have freedom of choice in personal matters.

A conservative is someone who supports capitalism (private property over the means of production) and also supports rigid "traditional values" in personal matters.

A nationalist is a person who puts his or her nation above anything else, who blindly supports his nation regardless of whether it is right or wrong, and who believes in strict hierarchy and obedience.

A fascist is someone who has a burning hatred for democracy, human rights, and all forms of equality. A fascist supports dictatorship, an even more strict hierarchy than that of the nationalists, and brutal treatment of political opponents. Fascists despise all workers' movements (particularly communists) and are often (but not always) virulently racist.
Well, the idea that you have of fascism is really singular.. but i can understand that for anglosaxons fascism means national-socialism, Fascismo (Mussolini's one, the original), Franchismo, Peronismo, and all dictatorships of the world.
Talking about fascism needs maaany time... i'll give you only a song, of the italian band DDT.

Il mio fascismo non è quello borghese
non è ordine e pulizia
il mio fascismo non è l'Imperialismo
in Libia, in Etiopia e in Albania
il mio fascismo non è il treno in orario
certo che è meglio se arriva puntuale
ma, lo sai, ci vuole ben altro,
per costruire un vero ideale
Il mio fascismo è quello del 19
che poi ritorna nel 43
con la repubblica sociale
contro gli inglesi e contro il re.
contro i russi e gli americani
per un Europa senza padroni
per un Europa realmente libera
per un Europa delle nazioni
Il mio fascismo è di chi vuol lottare
contro i potenti e gli sfruttatori
e contro i soliti bempensanti
che stanno sempre coi vincitori.
Il mio fascismo è di chi vuol lottare
per un futuro di libertà
contro la noia del nostro tempo
per una nuova società
Il mio fascismo non è certo quello
di chi voleva un golpe militare
nè quello degli accordi
per aiutare chi vuol governare
il mio fascismo non è certo quello
della stazione di Bologna
e poi la bomba chissà chi
l'ha messa
non certo chi oggi paga con
la gogna
il mio fascismo è quello di
pochi giovani
che hanno lottato contro
il mondo intero
che sono morti ad Acca Larentia
e che hanno amato un vessillo nero
con in mezzo una croce bianca
ma una croce particolare
che mi basta vederla sul muro
per cominciare subito a sognare
a sognare di un campo Hobbit
con un concerto della Compagnia
o di una strana manifestazione
di chi cercava la terza via.
I'm a Social Democrat, I support mostly the ideals and political systems of Austria, they're all great there, I hope to be a part of one of them, which one I haven;t decided, when I graduate from University.
I am very liberal. I believe people are people and they have the ability to tend to themselves without government interference.
I am also a social democrat. I believe in state ownership over the major industries, but I don't feel that small businesses should be illegal. I have no problem with small, community based businesses, providing they are taxed. I also believe we need a democratic republic, where the people elect ALL government officials. I imagine a system where you dont feel guilty about consuming. Under capitalism, when you consume you make someone else rich. When you consume under democratic socialism, you make society rich. I believe in high taxation of the super rich, social programs, state ownership of major industries, a restricted market, and no government interference in our own individual lives.
I'd say I'm a communist but I don't support totalitarian methods. Stalin was the worst thing that ever happened to communism. I support collective ownership of land bucause after we all live on it so no one piece of land should belong to just one person. Personal accumulation of wealth I can't understand. No-one needs more money than is necessary to live comfortably.
A centrist or moderate is a person who doesn't really hold any political views, and simply chooses whatever option seems best to him/her at one particular time.


i don't think this is fair i consider myself centrist and it doesn't mean i hold no political view because i do have some very leberal and very conservative views on various things. merely that i believe some views from each side are better but i wouldn't consider myself a social democrat because every party can argue they are social democrats.I feel calling onself a social democrat is a lie.
Liberals and conservatives are all of a piece - all are the fools of prejudice! We all bring our own biases and prejudices, our own political philosophy, so to speak, to the public forum. To be disposed one way or the other depends on many things; to be indisposed one way or the other depends on only one thing - ourselves. We would do well to examine ourselves - our own dislikes and preferences - before we start labeling others.
Socialist, through and through, with a few minor tweaks.
Nemo said:
Liberals and conservatives are all of a piece - all are the fools of prejudice!
Even the ones you haven't met yet?

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