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What new phone to get? (1 Viewer)


Oct 17, 2005
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I'm in the market for a new cell phone. I've had my current phone for a while and it's pretty much out of date. I've been reading up on bluetooth technology and I see people in Starbucks all the time on those headsets. I've decided I could be well serviced with one of those things. So, I'm looking at phones will bluetooth capability and one that is easy to text with. What phone do you all have? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? I've initially been looking at the LG vx9800. Seems to have what I want, and a bit more for a decent enough price. What do you think?
I just switched from Sprint over to Cingular and got the black Razr flip phone. It's Bluetooth compatible but I wouldn't recommend it for texting (the keys aren't always that responsive). As for calling, it's a bit picky as you really have to center the speaker on the ear to hear and its loudest volume is difficult to hear if there's a loud din going on. The plus side of the phone is the size as I can easily slip it in my front pocket and not even notice it there.
If you don't use your trunk or back seat, mount a satellite phone in there :2razz:

If you like reading amazon is giving away a free razor by motorla and this plantronics thing I think. So if you sign up for that membership..

Otherwise I'd say just a moto fliphone or a compact flat phone. Or maybe the Rokr or that one phone made by i think nokia that has a bagillion things on it.
Hmm...ok. It sounds like there are some underlying issues with some of these other phones that I may want to try to avoid. I'll have to do some harder comparisons and see what is up. The things I do like about the 9800 really keep me leaning towards it. As for the sound quality, I think it's got the same speakers as the 8100, which look pretty awesome in the store.

Any other recommendations appreciated...

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