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What Music Genre?

What music genere is your favorite?

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Oct 14, 2012
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What sort of music do our members predominantly listen to? :mrgreen:

EDIT: Sorry for misspelling genre
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I love all kinds of music but probably listen to R&B the most. Just really depends on my mood. Today I am listening to the Beach Boys on pandora, they just make me feel summery and upbeat, which is what I want to feel today.
I'm not sure that any of the choices really cover it for me since the terms have kind of changed over the years. I primarily listen to what used to be classified as "AOR" (Album Oriented Rock) from the mid 60's through the early 80's but that also includes a whole lot of traditional folk music, bluegrass, blues, soul, gospel, jazz, funk, etc.
Baroque, blues, bluegrass (I've been in love with Ricky Skaggs since the '80's), jazz (mainly through Chick Corea in the '70's), and just about any genre that isn't pop or urban contemporary. Well, I take that back. Michael Buble has actually done a great cover Of "Meglio Stasera" from the original Pink Panther. Okay, and some Harry Connick, Jr. Sometimes.
Hair metal with a splash of South Cali punk and surf.
Classical and alternative/other.
Primarily classical, but I also love old Motown and R&B, plus a lot of old rock and roll.
classic "acid heavy metal" or electric blues who LZ, Deep Purple

early progressive rock-ELP, Traffic and Jethro Tull

electric psychadelic blue grass-Grateful dead, NROTPS

British trad folk rock-Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention

and the only band that mattered. The Clash (post punk-world beat)
I picked alternative/other. Grew up listening to a lot of 90s alternative/grunge. But I now think there is good music in pretty much every genre and listen to everything from r&b to metal.
What sort of music do our members predominantly listen to? :mrgreen:

EDIT: Sorry for misspelling genre

Depending on my mood, classical (especially Bach), jazz (bebop/modern jazz, not so much swing) and rock (especially 70s hard rock and 90s alt-rock/grunge).
Anything but country, blue grass, polka and other genres devoid of African influences.
Pretty much anything, but Alternative and Indie the most
Pretty much anything Metal or Punk. No country (Except Hank 3), R&B, Rap, I do find some Classical music interesting but can not truthfully say I listen to it regularly. And for some odd reason I like Frank Sinatra.

About the closest thing to Country I will listen to is Reverend Horton Heat, but that's more Rockabilly.
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