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What Is The Truth About the Coming Election? part 1

Oct 18, 2004
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What Is The Truth About the Coming Election?

by Larry Gould

From the perspective of a Democrat who has never voted for a Republican for President in 56 years but will do so on November 2, 2004.

The three full-page ads in support of John Kerry in the October 22 CJN ignored basic truths. The ads ignored a major failure of the Democratic Party (also the Israeli Labor party) for Israel that was responsible for terrorist slaughter of 1,400 Israeli Jews and wounding (some maimed for life) of over 7,000 since the Oslo Peace Process began. For if Oslo never started, Arafat (and the PLO)

would not have been given control of most of the territories and there would be no Hamas, Islamic Jihad, also Tanzim and al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, two factions of Arafat=s Fatah, to mount suicide bomber and other terrorist attacks against Israelis, within Israel proper and the territories, that exacted the terrible price mentioned above.

Many American Jewish leaders (including Clevelanders) and lay people supported the Oslo Peace Process that was forged by an Israeli Labor Regime and supported, with no reservations, by the Clinton Democratic Administration. All of them were tragically naive about the Arab World, especially Arafat. They had amnesia about Arafat and Arab World commitment to two Islamic tenets, (1) Agreements with infidels Jews, also Christians are only temporary pragmatic truces, and (2) Jews are dhimmi, second class people who must remain forever subservient in the Arab World.

The first tenet meant that any agreement Arafat signed (Oslo) with Israel, with U.S. backing (by President Clinton, naive about Arafat and the Arab World, wasn=t worth the paper it was written on, and Arafat=s handshake with Rabin (orchestrated by Clinton) was a sham. The second tenet meant that Arafat and other leaders of the PA would move heaven and earth to eliminate Israel so that its Jews who survived defeat in a future war, if Israel lost, would return to the position of second class people like those who lived in Arab nations for over 1,000 years since the birth of Islam.

In contrast with those naive Israeli and American government leaders, also American Jewish leaders, I was among few who, based on extensive study of the Arab psyche and Islam, believed that Oslo would fail, and that Israel would pay an enormous price in lives lost to terrorism after Arafat was given control of areas from which terrorist attacks could be mounted against Israeli Jews in the territories and Israel proper. Those thoughts were before the advent of suicide bombings, which escalated Israelis killed and wounded.

The ad sponsors and hundreds listed on the page 9 ad ignored completely the first tenet when Arafat stated the following on Jordanian tv (repeated many times since in the Arab media) in the afternoon after he signed the Oslo Accords. He said he would use Oslo to attain three goals, (1) creation of a Palestinian entity (the PA), (2) creation of a Palestinian state (not yet, but the Sharon government, with U.S. support, intends to risk said creation in Gaza for starters), and (3) the ultimate goal of defeat of Israel and incorporation of the land in the Palestinian state.

The third goal means war. The War of Terrorism begun by Arafat four years ago is a prelude to the ultimate war, joined by armies of Arab. nations, to inflict defeat on Israel and its terrible consequences for over 5.5 million Israeli Jews. As a student of Middle East military history for over 40 years, I believe the IDF will prevent an Arabs victory. But why agree to cre! ation of a Palestinian state, led by Arafat or a clone? For there is no moderate leader or group with the power and money to replace the terrorist, corrupt, dictatorial, anti-Israel and anti-U.S. group that now controls the PA.

While the Arabs were killing and maiming Israeli Jews wholesale in terrorist bombings, did any of the sponsors of the three ads sponsor ads demanding that our government suspend substantial aid to the PA and its involvement in the Oslo Process until Arafat and the PA gave convincing proof that terrorism, also education of young territorial Arabs to hate Jews and sacrifice their lives in Jihad to destroy Israel?

What Is The Truth About the Coming Election? part 2

Notwithstanding Bush=s discomforting positions on some domestic issues, he has refused to meet with Arafat. What a stark contrast with President Clinton, who met in the White House eight times with terrorist leader Arafat, despite his long history of murder of Jews in terrorist acts starting with Clevelander Mark David Berger during the 1972 Olympics, in fruitless ! wasted attempts to turn the terrorist into a force for peace. Clinton also ignored that in 1974, Arafat gave the order to PLO henchmen, who had kidnapped two American diplomats (Cleo Noel and G. Curtis Moore) in Khartoum, to assassinate them. Like spineless State Department Arabists, Clinton made no attempt to bring Arafat before the bar of American justice to be tried for ordering that assassination.

During 7.5 years of the Clinton Administration=s fruitless efforts to make Oslo work, did Senator Kerry ever voice one word of criticism of U.S. support of Oslo as Israeli Jews were killed wholesale in terrorist attacks? No. He kept his mouth shut like the vast majority of Democratic members of Congress (also most Republicans, for that matter). Did any of the ad sponsors! , also hundreds whose names appeared in the page nine ad, ever admit, to themselves or in public, that they had made a terrible mistake in supporting Oslo? None were like Dennis Prager, who responded to my following question asked on October 20 at Landerhaven after he addressed close to 1,000 Cleveland Jews.

ANow 11 years since Oslo was signed and has ended in failure, please address support by not only the Clinton Administration, but also many American Jewish leaders for the Oslo Peace Process.@

Prager stated that he had supported Oslo, which was a major mistake. He said that then he didn=t comprehend Arafat=s goals, but changed his mind as he learned about them. Prager was remorseful about support for policy that led to the murder of 1,400 Israeli Jews and wounding of over 7,000 in the last decade.

Understandably, Israeli Jews have little interest in American domestic affairs. But reflecting Bush=s policy that stands in stark contrast to Clinton=s toward Arafat and territorial Arabs who wish to destroy Israel and support continued terrorism, recent polls indicate that about 2/3 of Israeli Jews support Bush as the next President. In contrast, over 2/3 of American Jews support Kerry despite the fact that, for the first time in four decades, as the Democratic nominee for President, he did not mention Israel in his acceptance speech. His subsequent statements notwithstanding, that neglect at a critical time inferred his indifference to Israel=s survival.

Another sign of that indifference is Kerry=s refusal to renounce support for his election by leaders of the Palestinian Authority, North Korea, Iran, Communist China, Malaysia, Socialist Spain and France and Viet-Nam. In contrast, re-election of Bush is supported by Israel, Japan, The Philippines, South Korea and Russia (support of the latter may reflect the horrible recent terrorist attack in Beslan that killed over 300 adults and school children). This information was reported in the article AThe Axis of Evil Endorsement@ in the October 22 Frontpagemag.com website. Kerry doesn=t have the conviction to renounce those endorsements. In that respe! ct, he is a crass politician.

I take particular issue with the opinions in the ad on page 15. The cited four reasons why Bush=s policies have made Israel less safe and less secure, and four reasons why Kerry is the only candidate capable of making Israel safer and more secure. This was conjecture with no basis in fact. The ad may flim-fla! m some CJN readers, but not the undersigned who has studied the Arab World and the Middle East conflict in depth for over 40 years.

Perhaps the worst of their statements is that Kerry has a Aperfect@ (my quotes) record on Israel in his 19 years in the U.S. Senate, and that AIPAC gives him a 100% rating. Kerry supported Oslo, as did AIPAC. It failed miserably, with 1,400 Israeli Jews murdered and over 7,000 wounded as a consequence.

What Is The Truth About the Coming Election? part 3

Some long-time Democrats like me have overcome the inertia of never voting for a Republican for President. We haven=t deserted the Democratic party. Starting with the nomination of McGovern in 1972, the leftward swing of the Party plus progressively less support for Israel, the Democratic party h! as deserted us. Also significant is greater support within the Republican party for Israel reflecting, among other factors, strong support for Israel by tens of millions of Evangelical and other American Christians...Prager commented about that on October 20. I have had personal experience about that since 1992.

The ads on pages nine and 17 state that every American President has been a friend of Israel. It=s not true. History has shown that on balance, Eisenhower, Nixon (except for resupply of arms during the Yom Kippur War for strategic reasons), Carter, Bush Sr. (fortunately&! nbsp; his son hasn=t followed in his footsteps) and Clinton, also the Arabist-dominated State Department that influenced him, as it has all Presidents, have been unfriendly to Israel. For with no reservations, Clinton supported the tragic Oslo Peace Process, forged by Israeli Labor Party leaders Peres, Sarid and Beilin (Rabin tagged along), that, as mentioned above, (1) gave Arafat control of most of the territories from which terrorists attacks, including many suicide bombings, have been launched i! n the last decade that slaughtered 1,400 Israeli Jews and wounded over 7,000, some maimed for life, and (2) (mentioned previously herein) failed to bring peace because, as he has stated many times in the Arab media since he signed the Oslo Accords, Arafat=s ultimate goal is to defeat Israel and absorb its land in a Palestinian state.

In the heat of this intense Presidential battle, many things have been said and written that may disturb friendships for decades between Jews. All of us should realize that no matter who wins, life will go on. No matter who wins, the vast majority of Arab Muslim leaders will retain their goal of Israel=! s destruction and continue to support terrorism. Fanatic Islamists will retain the support of 10%-15% of 1.3 billion Arabs spearheaded by terrorist groups and Saudi-sponsored Whannabi Islamic leaders world-wide, including within our nation. No diplomacy, only a shattering defeat by the IDF (also American-led forces?) of Arab armies might convince government and Islamic religious leaders to accept Israel in the Middle East and convince oil-rich and other Arab nations to divert their wealth from waging war to destroy Israel and among themselves to building economic infrastructure and improving education to improve the standard of living and life expectancy of 150 million who live in the Arab World.

Hopefully American Jewish educators will recognize the importance of teaching American Jews, in Rabbinical Schools, day schools and synagogue classes for children and adults, about the nuts and bolts of the Arab World=s animosity toward Jews, Israel and other non-believers in Islam who have been oppressed in Muslim-dominated nations. This has bee! n a failure of Jewish education in American for much too long.

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