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What is the price of oil and why has its crashed? SPOILER : mUSCOVY KAPUT


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Sep 2, 2017
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oil -price 40-60$, what will be with Muscovite empire in 2019 ?

"U.S. oil tumbles 6.7% to a 17-month low in holiday-shortened day "

a bad day for putler and his empire - gas station , will "ruSSia" survive 2019 , with oil low prices somewhere between 40 and 60 ?



The drop is lowering seasonal demand and a slowing economy in the west in particular.

At $60/bbl. they do well while too low to inspire more shale oil in the US in particular.

OPEC has thuse agreed to cut production 1.2 or 1.3 million bbls. starting in Jan.

It is the speculators who determine the price of all commodities including oil of course.

If OPEC cooperates, look for futures to be back to $60 maybe by Feb.
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To be honest, I don't assertively care about the impact of oil price fluctuations on Russia; however, I'm pleased that falling prices adversely affect its economy. Conversely, I do care about oil price volatility's effects on the US economy.

As one can see from the above the matter of oil market equilibria variability portends to produce a pastiche of pernicious precipitates that troglyditically banal anthems akin to "price high, bad; price low, good" insufficiently summarize.

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